How-to guides

How-to guides for WAHA - WhatsApp HTTP API.

Discover how to use the WAHA, what you can do with it, and how to configure it right for your needs.

🔧 Install →
How to install and update WAHA
📊 Dashboard →
Dashboard - UI to manage your WhatsApp sessions!
📚 Swagger (OpenAPI) →
Swagger (OpenAPI) documentation
📤 Send Messages →
Describe how to send messages.
📥 Receive Messages →
Describe how to receive messages from WhatsApp.
🖥️ Sessions →
All about sessions (WhatsApp accounts) actions.
🔄 Webhooks →
Webhooks, how to set up and handle them.
🌐 Proxy →
Avoid issues with scanning QR codes in WhatsApp.
📶 Polls →
How to send polls and receive votes
🏭 Engines →
Under the hood WAHA allows you to use different engines.
✅ Presence →
Presence - online, offline, typing status
🛸 Other →
Other features and API
🚀 Deploy →
How to deploy WAHA
🗄️ Storages →
Storages - where to save authentication and media files
➕ WAHA Plus →
WAHA Plus - advanced version with more features!