💬 Chats

Chats methods.

Parameters in path that you can find in below endpoints:

  • {session} - use the session name for Whatsapp instance that you created with POST /api/session/start endpoint
  • {chatId} - chat id in format 123123123123@[c.us|g.us], c.us for direct chats and g.us for groups.


See the list of engines that support the feature ->.

Get all chats

Get all chats

GET /api/{session}/chats
  • limit - limit the number of chats to return
  • offset - skip the number of chats from the start

If you see timeout or the request takes too long - consider using limit parameter to get chats in smaller chunks

GET /api/{session}/chats?limit=100&offset=0

Get messages from chat

Get 100 messages from the chat

GET /api/{session}/chats/{chatId}/messages?limit=100

Get 100 messages from the chat, skip downloading media (images, files)

GET /api/{session}/chats/{chatId}/messages?limit=100&downloadMedia=false

Delete chat

Use the method to delete chat

DELETE /api/{session}/chats/{chatId}

Clear messages

Use the method to clear all messages from the chat

DELETE /api/{session}/chats/{chatId}/messages