➕ WAHA Plus


WAHA is distributed in two versions:

  1. Core the basic version that meet almost 80% people’s needs. 100% free and open source.
  2. Plus the version with advanced messages, security, and reliability features.

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You support the project and get WAHA Plus by donating to the project on one of the platforms.

👉👉 See tiers and available platforms on Pricing page ->

Patron Portal

Patron Portal

After subscribing on Patreon or Boosty, you will get access to the WAHA Patron Portal -> where you will get the password to download the Plus image and manage your perks!

Read more about Patron Portal in Patreon -> or Boosty -> posts.

Install Plus

After you get the password, get your login to Docker Hub in Patron Portal -> and run the commands:

docker login -u devlikeapro -p {KEY}
docker pull devlikeapro/waha-plus
docker logout

Then in all commands use Plus image devlikeapro/waha-plus instead of Core devlikeapro/waha.