📚 Swagger (OpenAPI)


The project provides HTTP API (REST), which is documented with OpenAPI specification and Swagger UI.

You can see all available endpoints, request/response examples, and even execute them directly from the Swagger UI.

Find the latest versions:

You can find Swagger documentation on the following url after you install and started it:


  • WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_CONFIG_ADVANCED=true - enables advanced configuration options for Swagger documentation - you can customize host, port and base URL for the requests. Disabled by default.
  • WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_ENABLED=false - disables Swagger documentation. Enabled by default. Available in WAHA Plus only.
  • WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_USERNAME=admin and WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_PASSWORD=admin - these variables can be used to protect the Swagger panel with admin / admin credentials. This does not affect API access. Available in WAHA Plus only.

Read more about security settings for Swagger and API on Security page ->.

White label

You can show your own brand in the Swagger documentation.

👉 Swagger White Label is available in WAHA Plus version only.

Use the following environment variables to customize the Swagger documentation:

  • WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_TITLE - the title of the Swagger documentation and some other places.
  • WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_DESCRIPTION - Markdown formatted description of your API.
  • WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_EXTERNAL_DOC_URL - URL to the external documentation.
  • WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_VIDEO_EXAMPLE_URL - link to the video example https://github.com/devlikeapro/waha/raw/core/examples/video.mp4
  • WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_OPUS_EXAMPLE_URL - link to the opus example https://github.com/devlikeapro/waha/raw/core/examples/dev.likeapro.opus
  • WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_JPG_EXAMPLE_URL - link to the jpg example https://github.com/devlikeapro/waha/raw/core/examples/dev.likeapro.jpg

Example (consider using docker-compose or other methods to store these settings):

docker run -it -p 3000:3000 -e WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_TITLE="AwesomeCRM" -e 'WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_DESCRIPTION=<p>FantasticFindz - Discover unique treasures from around the world at unbelievable prices!<br/> <a href='https://google.com'>Read more about us!</a></p>' -e "WHATSAPP_SWAGGER_EXTERNAL_DOC_URL=https://google.com" devlikeapro/waha-plus