WAHA (WhatsApp HTTP API) is distributed in two versions:

  1. Core Core version image the basic version that meets almost 80% of people's needs. 100% free and open source.
  2. Plus Plus version image the version with advanced messages, security, and reliability features.
You support the project and get WAHA Plus by donating to the project on one of the platforms: Boosty, Patreon or using Crypto.


The more you support, the more you get!


Essential product for 80% of people needs!

✔️ 📤 Send text messages
✔️ 📥 Receive text messages
✔️ 🔄 Webhooks
✔️ 🌐 Proxies
✔️ 📚 Swagger and OpenAPI spec
✔️ 🏭 Web based engine (WEBJS)
✔️ 🏭 Light non-chrome engine (NOWEB)
✔️ 🐙 WAHA Core Source Code
✔️ and more!
 âˆž  Unlimited messages
 1  🖥️ Session


Optimize your experience with extra features!

✔️ ✅ All Core features
✔️ 🔑 Personal Docker Key to WAHA Plus
✔️ 📤📄 Send files, voices, video
✔️ 📥📄 Receive files, voices, video
✔️ 🔒 Built-in Security
✔️ 🔁 Webhooks retries
✔️ 🗄️ File storage
✔️ 💾 MongoDB storage
✔️ 📊 Built-in Dashboard
✔️ 🏅 Special badge on GitHub
 âˆž  🖥️ Unlimited Sessions*
* If you're planning to host 100+ sessions (accounts, phone numbers), consider PRO tier. You can still use it, there's no technical limit, but we can not provide the same level of support for 100+ sessions on Plus tier 🥲


Get the most out of WAHA, with all the features!

✔️ ✅ All Plus features
✔️ 🐙➕ WAHA Plus Source Code
✔️ ⭐ Priority support (feature requests, bug fixes, etc.)
✔️ 💻 Deployment consulting
✔️ 👥 Membership in WAHA Discord server for receiving personal support, and sharing your experiences with other professionals.
✔️ 🏅 Special badge on GitHub

Compare Features

🖥️ Sessions 1 Unlimited*Unlimited
💬 Messages∞∞∞
📤 Send text messages✔️✔️✔️
📥 Receive text messages✔️✔️✔️
📤📄 Send files, voices, video➖✔️✔️
📥📄 Receive files, voices, video➖✔️✔️
🌐 Proxies✔️✔️✔️
🔄 Webhooks✔️✔️✔️
🔁 Webhooks retries➖✔️✔️
🗄️ File storage➖✔️✔️
💾 MongoDB storage➖✔️✔️
📊 Built-in Dashboard➖✔️✔️
🔒 Built-in Security➖✔️✔️
🏭 Web based engine (WEBJS)✔️✔️✔️
🏭 Light non-chrome engine (NOWEB)✔️✔️✔️
🔑 Personal Docker Key to WAHA Plus➖✔️✔️
🐙 WAHA Core Source Code ->✔️✔️✔️
🐙➕ WAHA Plus Source Code ->➖➖✔️
⭐ Priority support➖➖✔️
💻 Deployment consulting➖➖✔️
👥 Membership in WAHA Discord server➖➖✔️
🏅 Special Badge on GitHub➖
Get Started ->Support project ->Support project ->
* If you're planning to host 100+ sessions (accounts, phone numbers), consider PRO tier. You can still use it, there's no technical limit, but we can not provide the same level of support for 100+ sessions on Plus tier 🥲


Featureslogo WAHA Plus🤔 Others
Number of accounts✔️ No limits on accounts or servers!➖ One account for $50/month.
Infrastructure✔️ On-Premise - your server, your infrastructure!➖ Insecure cloud solution.
Security✔️ No data leaks!➖ You have to give access to customers' data - phone number, name, your messages.
License✔️ No license checks! It works even after you got unsubscribed
(as long as WhatsApp doesn't make backward incompatible changes, or you need to reinstall it on new server).
➖ One month
Messages✔️ No message limits!➖ Some solutions have a price for messages, like $1 every 1,000 messages.
Source Code✔️ Available for PRO patrons!➖ No access to verify the code or adjust it for your needs.
Price✔️ 19$➖ Monthly payment starts from $50


WAHA Plus version is available through donations (subscriptions).

It doesn't require monthly subscriptions, once installed on your server - it always works! (until WhatsApp made backward-incompatible changes, and you have to update the image, or you need to reinstall it on new server )

💡 No licence checks or expiration on already installed instances!

We do not sell WAHA, it's not a purchase. It's a donation.

We treat our projects like art. You donate to the project and get a bit more from it as a thank-you. 😊

Treat WAHA Plus it as an additional episode, behind-the-scenes videos, our nude photos 😊

💡 WAHA does not have license checks and expiration - because art can not expire! Enjoy it till it works!

We donate most of the donations down to the stream to the underlying libraries and tools - JS-community, Node, other libraries authors, personal contributors.
By donating to the WAHA you donate to the Open Source world!

How to donate?

Choose the platform that suits you best to support the project.


Boosty - Patreon-like service for donations with fewer fees.

Go ahead and get your own WhatsApp HTTP API!

Patreon - well-known service for donations.

Please consider using Boosty or Crypto instead of Patreon due to its lower fees 🙏

Cryptocurrency - support the project with crypto!

Go to Patron Portal, click Upgrade/Renew and choose Crypto in the options! Various cryptocurrencies available - BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, and others.

⚡50% OFF Yearly Offer!⚡

  • Plus - $228 $110
  • PRO - $1,188 $590

Save the fees and get Plus or PRO for a year donating in crypto!

If you don't have crypto or don't know how to deal with it, contact us at crypto@devlike.pro, we'll send step-by-step instructions.

What's next?